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March 7, 2005 by Kobrano
Welp, so long Joeuser, and the fans of my blogs..

So catch ya'll on one of the other blogsites. Or on www.boredmofo.com..
March 6, 2005 by Kobrano
This is the first in a series of articles I will be doing for a computer users group I belong to, which I am going to cross post here. Basically, its a false, but common belief out there that to get good software, it has to cost money. This series will set the record straight, and indeed prove that there usually are free and just as good (if not better) alternatives to commercial products.


First up, we have CCleaner. CCleaner is easily the best cleanup and sys...
February 28, 2005 by Kobrano
I heard on the news today that there is some new legislation going through Washington that forces credit companies to provide an easy and FREE method for people to get their credit reports from each of the three agencies once a year. The website referred to on the news was:


I tried it, and it works great, and within minutes I had 3 credit reports FOR FREE (no strings attached). Good stuff.. Incase you don't know, there are three different agenci...
February 23, 2005 by Kobrano
I've noticed a trend in recent years that is pretty disturbing. In general its like the mentality, IQ, and general attitude of PC gamers you meet online is about 100x worse than it was 10 years ago. I can't quite figure out what would cause this, other than PC gaming is pretty mainstream now, and years ago it was mostly powerusers gaming. Becoming mainstream more seems to have brought in every childish brat or crybaby, hacker and poor sport in the world.

For example I got into the SWAT 4 b...
February 20, 2005 by Kobrano
I remember Draginol posting a month ago about how his son eats his own buggers. At the time, I remembered several articles saying this was actually supposed to be beneficial, and is natures way of strengthening a childs immune system. Well I found the article, but google yields many more on the subject.


Dr Bischinger said: "With the finger you can get to places you just can't reach with a handkerchief, keeping your nose far cl...
February 19, 2005 by Kobrano
I'm a huge proponent of Digital Distribution, I love it. If I can buy a software product online, download it, and have it up and running without the inconvience of driving to the store or waiting for it to be mailed, I will do it. However I have a few specific things that I require from digital purchases I make.

1) The product MUST be cheaper than in the store or from mail order companies. Giving up a nice CD/DVD, Box and glossy printed manual (which I read) should come with a lower price ...
January 20, 2005 by Kobrano
Incase you missed it, Ebay raised their price schedules - boy did they raise them! I posted an item for auction today, and the cost to post the item for sale was $11.00! Worse, they now take 8% of the final sale price, which is a massive increase from before. Add to that, you have to use Paypal as its the main accepted form of payment - and they charge outrageous fees as well.

Clearly, this illustrates the fact that Ebay now has a primary monopoly - and they are going to exploit this whi...
January 18, 2005 by Kobrano
Its not because I can't handle the discomfort of being sick. Its because I hate the unproductive, utterly wasted time you spend in bed or laying on the couch when you are sick that drives me crazy! Since Sunday Night, i've been pretty sick - you know the typical winter malady made up of a cough, aches and pains, lethargy, bedridden type feeling. I missed Monday and Tuesday at work, for two reasons. One of which is I don't wish to subject my coworkers to whatever plague i'm carrying right now,...
January 12, 2005 by Kobrano
It started out innocent enough, my kids love Monster Trucks, and an upcoming Monster Truck event has been plastered over the TV and Radio all week. So being a fun parent, I decided it would be pretty cool to take my kids to see it this coming weekend - a good outting for us all! Little did I know that just getting tickets to this event would be an adventure, and i'd be subjected to a bunch of scam artists.

Being that its 2005, and I buy 98% of everything off of the internet, I went to "Tick...
January 12, 2005 by Kobrano
My shortlist of best games of all time include Shadowbane, I played it for about 2 years, but haven't been back since early last year when I gave it up. However I think about it often, in this day and age of watered down MMOs with weak PvP-Lite, and crappy experiance grinds, Shadowbane really spoiled me to how things should be in these games. Shadowbane was a huge commercial success early on, selling 170,000 copies, however overcrowding, and sales exceeding the technical ability of their serve...
January 11, 2005 by Kobrano
In a sad bit of news, Wish is folding up after a successful open beta. Details are sketchy, but rumors are a major financial backer pulled out.

With some UO style PvP, I think there is little doubt this game would have been a success, certainly most UO people would gravitate towards it. But they seemed to be more insistant on trying to be like WoW or EQ, instead of oldschool UO with full open PvP. With that being said, some of the systems in place at Wish, far exceeded things in WoW. Alway...
January 4, 2005 by Kobrano
Gotta love this! After EA hosed gamers with 5 years of mediocre NFL games, they tried to do the same with the NBA and were told to go screw off. NBA is getting my viewing now, not gonna touch an EA sports game, much less any of the other garbage coming out of that slavery based game development company out to conquer the world..

I really hope UBI successfully fights EA's hostile takeover attempt. Where does EA get all of this money when all it seems to be capable of, is mediocre games?

January 3, 2005 by Kobrano
I'm of the thought that people worry to much about China. Much of what China is about is big talk, and little action. They simply lack the resources, money, and power to do anything substantial, either good or bad, in the world today. So what does China dominate? Plastic Toys and Cheap Clothing, thats about it.


China trying to be a major power in Asia, can only muster 62 million dollars, no naval vessels or air support, and is finding that they just aren't a world superpower - nor...
January 1, 2005 by Kobrano
Anyone else catch the big ball drop for New Years in Times Square?

When the ball hit the bottom, I saw "2005" then in bigger letters, inches below 2005, there was a GIANT "DISCOVER CARD", so it looked like "2005 DISCOVER CARD".. Personally, this made me annoyed, and I turned off the TV.. Is there anything in this country that is sacred ground from commercialization and advertising garbage? Are we free from it anywhere other than in our sleep?

Everything from drug commercials on TV (which...
December 27, 2004 by Kobrano
January 1 is the official open beta for WISH. A new and huge upcoming MMO that is based heavily off of the original Ultima Online and partially off the original Asheron's Call.. If they pull it off, it might be *THE* mmo to play in 2005! Signup and start downloading the client now so you can be ready to play next weekend!

Wish Vault - The Ultimate Resource

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